Welcome to Dirtriders Mountain Bike Club. Dirtriders have been in existence since 2002. We are affiliated with Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and Cycling Australia (CA), so we can offer both Mountain Bike (MTB) and Road licenses.

Dirtriders is a small club with a membership of approximately 70 members, we still like to think of ourselves as a grass roots club. By this we mean we all know each other and help each other out, our winter series is a great introduction to mountain bike racing as these races are not too serious and you can hang around and do some skills sessions after the race. We are mainly focussed on cross country style riding. We run a local winter series race calendar along with traditional State Series Rounds and State rounds in the new emerging enduro series.

We have all types of members ranging from weekend warriors to world champions and everything in between. If you’d like to know more just email anyone of the committee members and they will gladly help you out.


You will find the names and contact details for the 2013 executive committee. 


Raymond Hart: Mobile 0407 512 760,  Email: president@dirtridersmtb.com


Scott Lancaster:  


Ray Hart Email: treasurer@dirtridersmtb.com


Adrian Jackson   Mob: 0400 054 525  Email: secretary@dirtridersmtb.com


Craig Woolard  Email: property@dirtridersmtb.com


Paul Verheijden  Mob: 0413 043 948  Email: webmaster@dirtridersmtb.com


Henry Long

Raymond Noll


Committee members generally have “Working with Children” checks undertaken. 


Dirtriders is a corporation.  This benefits members with protection of the club and executive from unlimited liability. 

The question of liability is asked a lot these days and along with the affiliation insurance policies the club and executive are protected against the unforeseen.

Members can know they are in safe hands with an incorporated club operating under the leadership of Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).


Order your club kit for 2011.  Download the attached form and email to: races@dirtridersmtb.com

or call Mobile: 0409 149 404

Prices are:

$70 jersey/race fit

$90 for bib nicks (these are top notch).

$ 10 Socks.

$35 arm warmers.

$17 Riding Caps


Do you want to race?

If you haven’t asked yourself this question then we will ask it for you.  Racing gives you a focus, a desire to want to achieve.  If this is you then you will need to purchase a license.  Unfortunately we do not offer the one license to race off road or road.  Many of our members are pure mountain bike only types, but some also have road licenses and a few only have a road racing license.

To purchase a licence you need to belong to a club that affiliates with an organisation that provides the required insurance to cover riders and organisers.  We encourage you to join Dirtriders to finance us so we can be a community asset.   You may purchase a day licence at a particular event but we encourage you to think bigger and contribute to organisations that develops cycling.  Is it too much to ask for a hundred or so dollars when you have invested thousands in your chosen ride.

 We offer two types of membership, being Mountain Bike Riding, through Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), and Road Cycling through Cycling Australia (CA).


You can now renew or obtain a new mountain bike membership over the internet.  This will mean faster processing and more accurate listing (no errors in email copying)

Follow th prompts and don’t forget to register with Dirt Ridersas the membership fee allows us to operate the club.  You will need your membership number and pass word or you will sent a password.


  • Senior Member $110
  • Junior Member $85
  • Recreational member $65
  • CA/BMXA Value Add $65
  • Card Replacement $10

The fees above already include the $20 club fee.

CA/BMXA Value add, this means that if you are a Cycling Australia or BMX Australia member and want to join MTBA as well, it will only costs $65 ($45 for MTBA plus $20 for club fee) to become a full MTBA member.

Important notes for CA and BMXA members wishing to join MTBA: You will need at least 3 months remaining on your CA/BMXA license in order to qualify for the discount affiliation fee. You will also need to provide MTBA proof of your current CA/BMXA membership, the easiest way is to scan your current CA/BMXA membership card and attach this file when prompted on the online registration process.


Dirt Riders is also an affiliated club with Cycle Sport Victoria, this means that you can join Cycling Australia (CA) through Dirt Riders in order to participate in sanctioned road, track and other events.  To join or renew your CA membership through Dirt Riders, simply go to www.cycling.org.au and click on the membership tab and follow the links for either a new or renewing member.

If you are new to the sport you can take out a day license for $20. Just simply turn up at the race and ask for a day license.


  • Elite, U23 $235
  • Masters <65 $185
  • Masters >65 $125
  • U19 $190
  • U17, U15 $115
  • U13 $60

If you have a fully paid up CA licence then you are then eligible for a discount MTBA membership, see ab


Life members are recognised for their contribution to the club over a long period of time.  

Note: Current committee members are not eligible for life membership.

The Club recognises the following:

Denise Lowe

For all her work supporting the club from day one over many years.  She is also the mother of Trent Lowe second best Ozzie GC rider in the Tour de France 2008.

Chris Beales

Founding member and First President.  Chris can now be found riding somewhere in England. Watch out  though as he is fast.

Kerry Ryan

Long time club member, past committee member and great contributor.  Also an awesome super masters athlete that inspires all ages.