Bicycle chains and their manufacturers

In recent years, Shimano has been producing chains of the following types: Super narrow HG, designed for mounting on bicycles with 9-star cassettes, HG (Narrow HG) and IG (Narrow IG), designed cassettes for 8 and 7 stars. Sometimes, on the cheapest bicycles equipped with Shimano Tourney ratchets, UG-30 or UG-50 chains (6-7 stars) are also found, which are theoretically designed for use on smooth stars. A digital index in the marking, for example, IG-70, indicates the class of the chain: the larger the number, the better and more expensive the chain.

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About the bicycle pedaling technique

The basic rules of cycling pedaling are approximately as follows. Pedals need to be turned, not crushed. Do not twist “slowly – but surely” a large gear – it is better to use a lower gear at high speeds with your working cadence (cadence). Try to ride in the saddle as much as possible (do not get up in vain) – this saves you energy. On prolonged lifts, do not strain your whole body – concentrate on the road, breathing and pedaling – but try to keep your body relaxed. Now consider all these rules in more detail.

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