Cycling in the fall life hacks

There is less and less daylight and colder every day, the weather is sometimes so changeable … therefore, the selection of the right equipment is the key to successful autumn skiing.

Properly choose an autumn cycle wardrobe – a whole art. It is quite difficult to find a balance in order to protect oneself from the cold, and not to “evaporate” with the risk of getting sick the next day. Thermal underwear, jackets and gloves with modern technologies, as well as arm ruffles and knee pads come to the rescue. It is better not to save on clothes and buy one that simultaneously performs several functions: it provides maximum comfort, retains heat, removes excess moisture, and creates a favorable environment for the work of the muscle apparatus. Only a combination of unique technologies, an “intelligent” combination of high quality fabrics and thoughtful design can protect a cyclist from an aggressive external environment.

Another useful life hack – first of all, it is necessary to protect your limbs from the cold – legs, head, and fingers, and then you do not need any cold.


Good gloves never constrain finger movements. Check for 2 technologies for your gloves – waterproof (waterproof) and windstopper (windproof). Try goggling with your glove: grip on the palms and fingertips should be good for reliable control of your bike.


Socks made of merino wool absorb moisture well, but the legs remain dry. Such socks retain heat well and cope well with an unpleasant odor. A good alternative to natural materials is quality socks made of artificial fabrics. For example, socks from the membrane breathe well and hardly get wet.

In case of bad weather, bike boots can help you keep your feet dry and keep dirt out of your shoes.


This is the most open part of the body of a cyclist. Helmets have good ventilation, which means they are prone to cold air. In this case, you should buy a balaclava. For a neck it is not bad to get a warming bandana. It is very important not to freeze your ears. This happens very quietly, but can subsequently turn into unpleasant surprises for your health.


The most important thing is thermal underwear, which will provide moisture removal. During stops, you still remain dry, which significantly reduces the risk of a cold. You can again turn to merino wool: put on a sleeveless shirt when the weather is warm or with short sleeves if it starts to freeze. Merino wool will provide fast perspiration and will sit comfortably on your body. A fleece jacket can be worn over the laundry, which dries quickly and removes moisture to the next layer, which can be a windbreaker on the membrane

If you are an active cyclist and get soaked quickly, we can recommend wearing a softshell jacket, the inside of which is fleece-based and the outside protects from the weather.