How a bicycle affects health

What does cycling give?

– the heart and blood vessels are trained and strengthened, the general endurance of the body is trained. You will be less tired at work, you will wake up rested;
the amount of inhaled air increases (the lungs work at 100), due to the fact that you are in the fresh air, every organ (including the brain), receives nutrients from the blood, and metabolism is established;
Leg muscles are trained and strengthened: a relief (shape) is formed and at the same time muscle endurance is increased;
improves blood supply to the pelvic organs;
the vestibular apparatus is well trained and such an important quality as coordination; – look into the distance
prevention of visual impairment (when reading the focus all the time on a nearby subject
this is one of the reasons for the development of myopia);
Remember how you want to eat after a bike ride? Appetite is a sign of active metabolism;
the bike is useful for smokers
due to deep breathing, the lungs are cleansed of nicotine and tar, and secondly,
increases the body’s ability to resist infections (immunity);