Real Estate in Punta Brava

Have you ever been to a place where you unintentionally forgot about the rest of the world, sinking as far into the present as possible? This Buddhism approach to life encourages, and in general encourages, what is wrong with feeling happy here and now without thinking about yesterday or tomorrow? You stop worrying, you just enjoy – so your health, strength, and positive mood will increase. Go to Punta Brava for all this. It’s definitely gonna work out there.

There are several communities in Spain with that name. One is on the island of Tenerife, the other is in the province of Murcia, also interesting places. And the one we’re talking about today is located in the suburbs of San Feliu de Guíxols on the popular Costa Brava.

The urbanization of Punta Brava is a short drive from Sant Feliu de Nichols to the west on the GI-682, only half an hour from Girona airport and about an hour from Barcelona. This is one of the best luxury developments on the Costa Brava. It was founded in the middle of the last century when Baron Hans Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza decided to build his residence here. Since then only wealthy people have lived here to this day: business owners, bankers and businessmen not only from Spain but also from England, Andorra. If you want to live next door to celebrities, there is no better place to buy a house on the Costa Brava.

When you turn off the track at the Punta Brava, you’ll see a charming picture. Stepped mountains descending to the sea like velvet wrapped in greenery, an immense blue water surface and chic villas that embody the dream of the most beautiful homes. And there’s nothing else. Only nature, the atmosphere of solitude and you. No coastal noise, no restaurants, no shops – nothing. But before all this, if you have to, it’s a handful. Like something even more fun and interesting.

On the halfway between Punta Brava and San Feliu de Guíxols, in the mountains, lies one of the famous amusement parks for children and adults “Parc Aventura San Feliu de Guíxols”. Close by is the “Coll de Portes” observation deck, which offers stunning views of the bay of the city and its surroundings. So you can’t get bored unless you set yourself the goal.

In Punta Brava, situated on the slopes of the Cadiret mountain range – that is, in fact, in the reserve, very clean air. Local vegetation is cork oak, cypress, eucalyptus and other representatives of the beautiful Mediterranean flora. They saturate the air with phytoncides and other useful substances, so there is a very special microclimate, mild and recovery.

There are only a few dozen villas in Punta Brava. This is not a town or even a village. These are chic houses, organically blended in with the mountain landscape. There are only luxury properties. Buying a villa or house in Punta Brava means buying a personal piece of heaven. It really is – enjoy the beauty of nature, the warm Spanish sun, blue sea and sky, the comfort and coziness of your home will not hurt you anything. Housing purchased here is always profitable, liquid and desirable. Punta Brava – one of the best options for serious investment in Spanish real estate.

But you should not forget that there are many other wonderful places in Spain where you can buy real estate. For example, you can use property finder mallorca to find great properties in the fabulous island of Mallorca. There are many attractive options to buy which can be a great solution if you want to buy a home for yourself, and if you want to buy a home for further rental. So just choose the region that would meet all your needs.