Bicycle cameras

The bicycle chamber is installed inside the tire and filled with air. The softness of the wheel depends on the amount of air inside the chamber (pressure). The higher the pressure, the stiffer the wheel and the less its resistance on the road, but the higher the vibration on the ground.

Bicycle chambers have several nipple standards. Previously, rubber tube nipples (like on Soviet bicycles) were common. In a modern bicycle, there are two main types of nipples – automobile (Schrader Valve chamber), and bicycle (Presta chamber).

The first, similar in all characteristics to the usual nipple of a car wheel, the second, is used only on bicycles. Automotive is more versatile, but loses pressure faster than a structurally more complex and reliable bicycle. The bicycle nipple is thinner and in the rims under the bicycle nipple, you can install a camera with a car nipple only by drilling the rim. Auto nipples come in various lengths (long ones are used in rims with a high profile).

What is the problem if the wheel quickly bleeds air?

Typically, this problem occurs in two cases: the nipple is defective, or the camera has a micro-puncture through which air gradually seeps out. The fault is easily detected by immersing the camera in water. Squeeze the inflated chamber in the water and you will see a thin stream of bubbles from the puncture or nipple site – this is the problem place. Take your time, there may be several punctures. If the problem is in the nipple, the camera needs to be changed entirely, and if it comes to punctures, you can seal it.

Permanent Wheel Puncture

Cycle enthusiasts are often tormented by repeated punctures, there may be several situations. The most common reason is the sharp object in the tire remaining after the first puncture. Remove the wheel from the bicycle, dismantle the tire and easily running your fingers along its inside, try to find a splinter – beware of cuts. If the puncture looks like two parallel slots along the camera, then such a breakdown occurs in the case of improper use of the bicycle. When hitting a sharp obstacle (deep asphalt pothole, rails, curb) at high speed – for a moment the camera from impact comes out from under the tire, is pinched and torn by the side cord of the tire and the rim wall.

Perhaps you should slightly reduce the pressure in the chamber, or, think about changing the tire to a model with a stiffer steel cord. Also examine the spoke heads coming out of the rim. On single-profile rim models, they are in contact with the tire and must be covered with a special tape for the rim. If sharp edges are observed at the knitting needles, carefully grind them with a file and cover with tape.