Advantages of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange

When you need to buy energy products, you should in any case think about finding the most effective way. Now in our country the extremely convenient mechanism about which not all businessmen know yet is realized. At the moment, everyone has the opportunity to purchase energy resources through a special platform that connects buyers and … Read moreAdvantages of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange

Bicycle chains and their manufacturers

In recent years, Shimano has been producing chains of the following types: Super narrow HG, designed for mounting on bicycles with 9-star cassettes, HG (Narrow HG) and IG (Narrow IG), designed cassettes for 8 and 7 stars. Sometimes, on the cheapest bicycles equipped with Shimano Tourney ratchets, UG-30 or UG-50 chains (6-7 stars) are also found, which are theoretically designed for use on smooth stars. A digital index in the marking, for example, IG-70, indicates the class of the chain: the larger the number, the better and more expensive the chain.

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