Neon lights for bike

The Down Low Glow: Neon Lights for Bicycles.

Turn any night bike ride into an unforgettable ride – not only for you – but for everyone around you. To do this, the guys at offer to equip your bike with two shock-resistant neon tubes, which will provide excellent illumination of your war horse at night. Of course, with such a “hitch” you will not only trialize, but you will not be able to cross-country either — but it is quite possible to go to the “promenade for a beer” in the city center or the park — and the indescribable reaction of passers-by is almost guaranteed.

Now, more about the design – it consists of two shock-resistant 12 “neon lamps (there are green, blue and red), which are attached to the frame of the bicycle with the help of clamps, the power supply – NiMH battery providing continuous illumination for 2.5 hours (up to 1000 cycles of recharging) and the cord. The charger for the battery is also supplied. The installation of this luminous miracle is possible, as the website says, on:

In short, everything – that has two wheels or at least a frame. No tools are required for installation, everything takes a couple of minutes.

In general, a rather interesting thing, albeit a little expensive, but it provides not only an unforgettable experience – for both the cyclist and passers-by, but also safety, since it is difficult to NOT notice such a cyclist at night – the main thing is not to look.