Rules of Golf

If you are just beginning to learn golf and don’t know the rules yet, don’t worry! The practical minimum, along with club etiquette, is usually laid out on a player’s scorecard. But if your goal is not just to participate, but to win confidently, the rules of golf need to know by heart: mistakes are penalized strokes, and in the match game will have to give up a hole to the opposing side. You should also start keeping up with the latest golf news, which you can do at

The essence of the game of golf boils down to three basic principles:

  • Play the course as it is.
  • Play the ball the way it is.
  • And if neither is possible, do it justice.

There is a strict prohibition on changing the disposition of the ball before kicking, that is, you can’t push, correct, move or mash the grass, bend or break the branches of bushes. If the ball flew into an obstacle course or ditch with water, the rules of golf allow you to touch the surrounding obstacles with your body or club only at the time of striking. In a scoring game, it is also an offence to hit the ball with another golfer who is already on the green. If the ball has been moved by another player in the game, the owner has the right to correct it, but the referee and the other golfers must be notified.

Rules of Golf

  • It is permitted to pick up the ball in the putting green.
  • It is permitted to peel the turf off the ball for play.
  • Potholes from holes made and balls previously dropped are permitted (but only if left by you).
  • Tracks left by opponents may not be touched by the rules of golf.
  • It is considered to be extremely rude to hit the ball in the flag.
  • Penalties are possible for causing inconvenience to other golfers – for example, occupying the strike line of someone else as he is preparing to strike.
  • Misplacing the ball is also regarded as an attempt to unlawfully relieve oneself. The classic rules of golf require the ball to be placed strictly between the markers without going too far forward. Some clubs allow the ball to be placed behind the markers, but no further than a distance equal to the length of the two clubs.
  • During competition, to facilitate scorekeeping, golf rules require participants to place identifying marks on their balls in advance. A “tie” ball is considered lost. If, however, the ball is lost on the course or out of order, the player is given five minutes to replace it, and penalties are imposed for absent-mindedness.

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