What is a bicycle helmet for?

Many argue about the attractiveness of cycling in a helmet, but everyone agrees on one thing: a helmet is necessary for safety reasons. So:

1. Firstly, helmets – usually have bright colors and unusual shapes. Thanks to helmets, cyclists are more distinguishable on the road than those cyclists who do not have helmets. An important factor is that car drivers regard the rider in a helmet and bright cycling clothes with more respect than a cyclist in ordinary clothes.

2. Secondly, modern helmets are made of very durable materials. Helmets protect your head in the fall. So the risk of concussion or head injury is markedly reduced. Moreover, no one is safe from falls, no matter how neatly and carefully he rode. (see news “helmet saved the life of a cyclist”)

3. Thirdly, helmets protect from overheating and the sun.

A good helmet has many ventilation holes and fairing channels, which provides good head ventilation even on a hot sunny day. When choosing helmets, be sure to pay attention to the size of these holes so that your head is thoroughly “aired” in hot weather. In the cold season, a special thin windproof balaclava from a combination of modern high-tech materials is worn under a helmet.

Do not forget that the helmet is necessary not only for you, but also for your child, so that riding a children’s bike is as safe as possible.