Racing Grades for the Dirtriders Winter Series are as follows:

A:  Elite and Expert love this because winners get cash.  Duration 1.5 hours.  You don’t have to be a star to race in this category but stars can turn up.  Use this opportunity to test your racing.

B:  Experienced and fit riders.  Duration of up to 1 hour 20 minutes.  This is a good fit for those that race regularly but are too humble to call themselves A Grade.

C:  Experienced but not as fit.  A lot of people default to this because they think B Grade sounds to good for them.  If you really don’t think you can match B then C is for you.

D: Giving it a go because you haven’t raced before and think you just can’t hack it in C Grade.  Duration of 1 hour will be just right for you.

Under 17:  Usually some hot racing here.  You only get to race if more than 2 turn up – otherwise choose D or C.

Under 15:  If you qualify and don’t want to do cadets then join in and have a go.  If you are experienced then Under 17 or the upper grades will suit you better.